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번호 구분 학술지명 논문명 Impact
79 SCI Wound Repair And Regeneration Augmentation of Rat Skin Flap Viability by Relaxin-Expressing Adenovirus 3.041 2011.11
78 SCI Journal Of Radiation Research A Novel Combination Treatment of Armed Oncolytic Adenovirus Expressing IL-12 and GM-CSF with Radiotherapy in Murine Hepatocarcinoma 1.788 2011
77 SCI Biomaterials Bioreducible polymer-conjugated oncolytic adenovirus for hepatoma-specific therapy via systemic administration 8.402 2011.12
76 SCI Molecular Therapy Soluble Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Decoy Receptor FP3 Exerts Potent Antiangiogenic Effects 6.688 2012.05
75 SCI Nucleic Acids Research MicroRNA-296 is enriched in cancer cells and downregulates p21waf1 mRNA expression via interaction with Its 3' untranslated region 10.162 2011.10
74 SCI Gene Therapy Strengthening of antitumor immune memory and prevention of thymic atrophy mediated by adenovirus expressing IL-12 and GM-CSF 3.11 2012.07
73 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Viral genome DNA/lipoplexes elicit in situ oncolytic viral replication and potent antitumor efficacy via systemic delivery 7.786 2011.10
72 - British Journal of Dermatology Adenovirus-relaxin Gene Therapy for Keloids: Implication for Reversing Pathologic Fibrosis 4.706 2011.09
71 SCI Gene Therapy Oncolytic adenovirus co-expressing IL-12 and IL-18 improves tumor-specific immunity via differentiation of T cells expressing IL-12Rβ2 or IL-18Ra 3.11 2011.09
70 SCI Angewandte Chemie-International Edition Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Targeted Chemo-Photothermal Treatment of Cancer Cells 11.994 2011.08
69 SCI Molecular Therapy Optimizing DC vaccination by combination with oncolytic adenovirus coexpressing IL-12 and GM-CSF 6.688 2011.08
68 SCI Journal of Clinical Investigation The WNT antagonist Dickkopf2 promotes angiogenesis in rodent and human endothelial cells 12.784 2011.05
67 SCI Biomaterials Active targeting of RGD-conjugated bioreducible polymer for delivery of oncolytic adenovirus expressing shRNA against IL-8 mRNA 8.402 2011.08
66 SCI Cell Death and Differentiation Molecular characterization of apoptosis induced by CARF silencing in human cancer cells 8.339 2011.07
65 SCI Biomaterials Active targeting and safety profile of PEG-modified adenovirus conjugated with Herceptin 8.402 2011.03
64 Journal Korean J Hepatol Effects of the knockdown of hypoxia inducible factor-1α expression by adenovirus-mediated shRNA on angiogenesis and tumor growth in hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines 2010.09
63 SCI Clinical Cancer Research A Hypoxia and Alpha Fetoprotein-dependent Oncolytic Adenovirus Exhibits Specific Killing of Hepatocellular Carcinomas 9.619 2010.12
62 SCI BMB reports Current advances in adenovirus nanocomplexes: more specificity and less immunogenicity 3.089 2010.12
61 - Gene Therapy and Regulation Smart adenovirus nanocomplexes for systemic delivery 2010
60 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Ionically crosslinked Ad/chitosan nanocomplexes processed by electrospinning for targeted cancer gene therapy 7.786 2010.11

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