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번호 구분 학술지명 논문명 Impact
59 SCI Antiviral Therapy Z-FA-FMK as a novel potent inhibitor of reovirus pathogenesis and oncolysis in vivo 2.594 2010
58 SCI Cancer Letters Acquired resistance to cetuximab is mediated by increased-PTEN instability and leads cross-resistance to gefitinib in HCC827 NSCLC cells 6.375 2010.10
57 SCI Small Nanoisland-Based Random Activation of Fluorescence for Visualizing Endocytotic Internalization of Adenovirus 8.643 2010.01
56 SCI The Journal of Gene Medicine Tumor Suppression by Apoptotic and Anti-Angiogenic Effects of Mortalin Targeting Adeno-Oncolytic Virus 2.524 2010.07
55 SCI Human Gene Therapy Enhanced delivery of adenovirus, using proteoliposomes containing wildtype or V156K apolipoprotein A-I and dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine 4.187 2010.05
54 SCI Gene Therapy Effect of decorin on overcoming the extracellular matrix barrier for oncolytic virotherapy 3.11 2010.02
53 SCI Cancer Gene Therapy A modified hTERT promoter-directed oncolytic adenovirus replication with concurrent inhibition of TGFβ signaling for breast cancer therapy 3.652 2010.04
52 SCI The Journal of Biological Chemistry Proproliferative functions of Drosophila small mitochondrial heat shock protein 22 in human cells 4.125 2010.02
51 SCI Biomaterials The effect of surface modification of adenovirus with an arginine-grafted bioreducible polymer on transduction efficiency and immunogenicity in cancer gene therapy 8.402 2010.01
50 SCI Biosensors and Bioelectronics Capacitance-Based Real Time Monitoring of Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis 7.78 2010.02
49 SCI Molecular Therapy Therapeutic and tumor-specific immunity induced by combination of dendritic cells and oncolytic adenovirus expressing IL-12 and 4-1BBL 6.688 2010.02
48 SCI The Journal of Biological Chemistry A novel POK family transcription factor, ZBTB5, represses transcription of p21CIP1 gene 4.125 2009.06
47 SCI The Journal of Biological Chemistry ZBTB2, a novel master regulator of the p53 pathway 4.125 2009.07
46 SCI The Journal of Biological Chemistry Proto-oncogene FBI-1 represses transcription of p21CIP1 by inhibition of transcription activation by p53 and Sp1 4.125 2009.05
45 SCI Gene Therapy Double E1B 19kDa- and E1B 55kDa-deleted oncolytic adenovirus in combination with radiotherapy elicits an enhanced anti-tumor effect 3.11 2009.09
44 SCI Nucleic Acids Research Transduction of artificial transcriptional regulatory proteins into human cells 10.162 2008.09
43 - Yonsei Med. J. Imaging of viral thymidine kinase gene expression by replicating oncolytic adenovirus and prediction of therapeutic efficacy 2008.10
42 SCI Cell Transplantation Viral IL-10 gene transfer prolongs rat islet allograft survival 3.006 2008
41 SCI Human Gene Therapy Tumor targeted radionuclide imaging and therapy using human sodium iodide symporter gene driven by a modified telomerase reverse transcriptase promoter 4.187 2008.09
40 SCI Current Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics Overcoming the extracellular matrix barrier to improve intratumoral spread and therapeutic potential of oncolytic virotherapy 2008.08

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