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번호 구분 학술지명 논문명 Impact
99 SCI Plos One Oncolytic Adenovirus Expressing IL-23 and p35 Elicits IFN-c- and TNF-a-Co-Producing T Cell-Mediated Antitumor Immunity 2.806 2013.07
98 SCI Cancer Research Ex Vivo Expansion of Highly Cytotoxic Human NK Cells by Cocultivation with Irradiated Tumor Cells for Adoptive Immunotherapy 9.122 2013.04
97 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Therapeutic targeting of chitosan-PEG-folate-complexed oncolytic adenovirus for active and systemic cancer gene therapy 7.786 2013.08
96 SCI Gene Therapy Local sustained delivery of oncolytic adenovirus with injectable alginate gel for cancer virotherapy 3.11 2013.02
95 SCI The Journal of Biological Chemistry Regulation of the Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1A Gene (CDKN1A) by the Repressor BOZF1 through Inhibition of p53 Acetylation and Transcription Factor Sp1 Binding 4.125 2013. 03
94 SCI Cancer Gene Therapy Recent developments in oncolytic adenovirus-based immunotherapeutic agents for use against metastatic cancers 3.652 2012.12
93 SCI Wound Repair And Regeneration A novel three-dimensional model system for keloid study: Organotypic multicellular scar model 3.041 2013.01
92 SCI Biosensors and Bioelectronics Enhanced detection of virus particles by nanoisland-based localized surface plasmon resonance 7.78 2013.03
91 SCI Biomaterials Therapeutic efficacy of a systemically delivered oncolytic adenovirus - Biodegradable polymer complex 8.402 2013.03
90 SCI Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Relaxin-expressing adenovirus decreases collagen synthesis and up-regulates matrix metalloproteinase expression in keloid fibroblasts: in vitro experiments 3.784 2012.09
89 SCI Molecules And Cells A proteoliposome containing apolipoprotein A-I mutant (V156K) enhances rapid tumor regression activity of human origin oncolytic adenovirus in tumor-bearing zebrafish and mice 3.054 2012.08
88 SCI Cancer Gene Therapy A review of RGD-functionalized nonviral gene delivery vectors for cancer therapy 3.652 2012.11
87 SCI Journal Of Radiation Research Combination of Radiotherapy and Adenovirus-Mediated p53 Gene Therapy for MDM2-Overexpressing Hepatocellular Carcinoma 1.788 2012
86 SCI Plos One A Novel sLRP6E1E2 inhibits canonical Wnt signaling, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, and induces mitochondria-dependent apoptosis in lung cancer 2.806 2012.05
85 SCI International Journal of Pharmaceutics Fabrication of Cross-linked Alginate Beads Using Electrospraying for Adenovirus Delivery 3.649 2012.05
84 SCI Human Gene Therapy Negative regulation-resistant p53 variant enhances oncolytic adenoviral gene therapy 4.187 2012.02
83 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Linearized oncolytic adenoviral plasmid DNA delivered by bioreducible polymers 7.786 2012.03
82 SCI Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews Evolution of oncolytic adenovirus for cancer treatment 11.764 2012.06
81 SCI Biomaterials Enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of adenovirus in combination with biomaterials 8.402 2012.02
80 SCI Cancer Research KR-POK interacts with p53 and represses CDKN1A transcription activation by p53 9.122 2012.03

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