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번호 구분 학술지명 논문명 Impact
170 SCI Biomaterials A hydrogel matrix prolongs persistence and promotes specific localization of an oncolytic adenovirus in a tumor by restricting nonspecific shedding and an antiviral immune response. 8.402 2017.12
169 - Archives of Craniofacial Surgery Effect of Relaxin Expressing Adenovirus on Scar Remodeling: A Preliminary Study. - 2017.03
168 SCI Biomaterials Synergistic antitumor effect mediated by a paclitaxel-conjugated polymeric micelle-coated oncolytic adenovirus. 8.402 2017.08
167 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Conformation-switchable helical polypeptide eliciting selective pro-apoptotic activity for cancer therapy. 7.786 2017.08
166 SCIE Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Synergism of highly transducible adenovirus encoding heme oxygenase 1 gene and low-dose immunosuppressants for successful outcomes of xenotransplanted pancreatic islet 4.421 2017.03
165 SCI Nucleic Acids Research Selective disruption of an oncogenic mutant allele by CRISPR/Cas9 induces efficient tumor regression. 10.162 2017.05
164 SCIE J Thorac Dis. Safety profile of EGFR-targeted hybrid vector system composed of PAMAM dendrimer and oncolytic adenovirus - 2017.05
163 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Optimized biodegradable polymeric reservoir-mediated local and sustained co-delivery of dendritic cells and oncolytic adenovirus co-expressing IL-12 and GM-CSF for cancer immunotherapy. 7.786 2017.03
162 SCI Cancer Letters Oncolytic adenovirus expressing relaxin (YDC002) enhances therapeutic efficacy of gemcitabine against pancreatic cancer. 6.375 2017.03
161 SCIE Curr Cancer Drug Targets Emergence of Ad-mediated combination therapy against cancer: What to expect? 2.992 2017.02
160 SCI Scientific Reports Relevance of mortalin to cancer cell stemness and cancer therapy. 4.259 2017.02
159 SCI Oncotarget Oncolytic adenovirus coexpressing interleukin-12 and decorin overcomes Treg-mediated immunosuppression inducing potent antitumor effects in a weakly immunogenic tumor model. 5.168 2017.01
158 SCI Oncotarget Oncolytic adenovirus coexpressing interleukin-12 and shVEGF restores antitumor immune function and enhances antitumor efficacy. 5.168 2016.12
157 SCI ACS Nano. Mild Hyperthermia Induced by Gold Nanorod-Mediated Plasmonic Photothermal Therapy Enhances Transduction and Replication of Oncolytic Adenoviral Gene Delivery. 13.942 2016.11
156 SCIE Stem Cells Transl Med Effect of Function-Enhanced Mesenchymal Stem Cells Infected With Decorin-Expressing Adenovirus on Hepatic Fibrosis 4 2016.09
155 Journal Nanomedicine Evolving lessons on nanomaterial-coated viral vectors for local and systemic gene therapy. 4.727 2016.07
154 SCI Biomaterials Human relaxin gene expression delivered by bioreducible dendrimer polymer for post-infarct cardiac remodeling in rats. 8.402 2016.08
153 SCIE Journal Of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research Combined therapy with oncolytic adenoviruses encoding TRAIL and IL-12 genes markedly suppressed human hepatocellular carcinoma both in vitro and in an orthotopic transplanted mouse model. 5.189 2016.05
152 SCI Cell Stress Chaperones Stress chaperone mortalin regulates human melanogenesis. 2.411 2016.07
151 SCI Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery Redirecting adenovirus tropism by genetic, chemical, and mechanical modification of the adenovirus surface for cancer gene therapy 5.657 2016.06

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