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번호 구분 학술지명 논문명 Impact
150 SCI Cancer Research Stress chaperone mortalin contributes to epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer metastasis. 9.122 2016.05
149 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Antitumor effect and safety profile of systemically delivered oncolytic adenovirus complexed with EGFR-targeted PAMAM-based dendrimer in orthotopic lung tumor model. 7.786 2016.06
148 SCI Angewandte Chemie-International Edition Biodegradable Inorganic Nanovector: Passive versus Active Tumor Targeting in siRNA Transportation. 11.994 2016.03
147 SCI International Journal of Nanomedicine Anionic clay as the drug delivery vehicle: tumor targeting function of layered double hydroxide-methotrexate nanohybrid in C33A orthotopic cervical cancer model. 4.3 2016.01
146 SCIE Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering Application of ecological and mathematical theory to cancer: New challenges. 1.035 2015.12
145 SCIE Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering Treatment strategies for combining immunostimulatory oncolytic virus therapeutics with dendritic cell injections. 1.035 2015.12
144 SCI The Journal of Gene Medicine A single adenovirus-mediated relaxin delivery attenuates established liver fibrosis in rats. 2.524 2016.01
143 SCI mAbs TTAC-0001, a human monoclonal antibody targeting VEGFR-2/KDR, blocks tumor angiogenesis. 4.881 2015.05
142 SCI Colloids And Surfaces B-Biointerfaces Targeting delivery of tocopherol and doxorubicin grafted-chitosan polymeric micelles for cancer therapy: In vitro and in vivo evaluation. 3.887 2015.09
141 SCI Oncogene CHIP-mediated degradation of transglutaminase 2 negatively regulates tumor growth and angiogenesis in renal cancer 7.519 2016.07
140 SCI Biochemical And Biophysical Research Communications Del-1 overexpression potentiates lung cancer cell proliferation and invasion 2.466 2015.12
139 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Potent antitumor effect of neurotensin receptor-targeted oncolytic adenovirus co-expressing decorin and Wnt antagonist in an orthotopic pancreatic tumor model 7.786 2015.12
138 SCI Human Gene Therapy Systemic Delivery of an Oncolytic Adenovirus Expressing Decorin for the Treatment of Breast Cancer Bone Metastases 4.187 2015.12
137 SCI Antioxidants & Redox Signaling Effects of human mesenhymal stem cells transduced with superoxide dismutase on imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like skin inflammation in mice. 6.337 2016.02
136 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Polymeric oncolytic adenovirus for cancer gene therapy 7.786 2015.12
135 SCI Journal of Controlled Release Hepatoma targeting peptide conjugated bio-reducible polymer complexed with oncolytic adenovirus for cancer gene therapy. 7.786 2015.12
134 SCI Oncotarget A vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein epitope-incorporated oncolytic adenovirus overcomes CAR-dependency and shows markedly enhanced cancer cell killing and suppression of tumor growth. 5.168 2015.10
133 SCI Acta Biomaterialia Enhanced anti-tumor efficacy and safety profile of tumor microenvironment-responsive oncolytic adenovirus nanocomplex by systemic administration 6.319 2015. 12
132 SCI Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Heat Shock Protein 90 Inhibitor Decreases Collagen Synthesis of Keloid Fibroblasts and Attenuates the Extracellular Matrix on the Keloid Spheroid Model 3.784 2015. 09
131 SCI International Journal Of Dermatology Hepatocyte growth factor-expressing adenovirus upregulatesmatrix metalloproteinase-1 expression in keloid fibroblasts 1.56 2016.03

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