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논문명 A Cell-Penetrant Peptide Disrupting the Transcription Factor CP2c Complexes Induces Cancer-Specific Synthetic Lethality
학술지명 Advanced Science (Weinh)
공동저자 Son SH, Kim MY, Choi S, Kim JS, Lee YS, Lee S, Lee YJ, Lee JY, Lee SE, Lim YS, Ha DH, Oh E, Won YB, Ji CJ, Park MA, Kim B, Byun KT, Chung MS, Jeong J, Choi D, Baek EJ, Cho EH, Kim SB, Je AR, Kweon HS, Park HS, Park D, Bae JS, Jang SJ, Chae JH, Lee JW, Lee
논문구분 SCI
논문번호 10.1002/advs.202305096.
게재년월 2023.11
Impact Factor 17.521