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제목 DAILAB Newsletter Vol. 4
첨부파일 파일 다운로드
조회수 1338 등록일시 2016-03-23 14:43
DAILAB (DBT-AIST International Laboratory for Advanced Biomedicine) at the
Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI), Tsukuba campus of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science &
Technology (AIST), Japan is the first International laboratory in Life Sciences & Biotechnology. Emerged as a step
up from bilateral MoU and aimed to promote close and effective research collaboration and networking, it was
established on Oct 3, 2013. Signing and Opening Ceremony by AIST President, Dr. R. Chubachi and DBT
Secretary, Prof. K. VijayRaghavan was also graced by the presence of Her Excellency Ms. Deepa Gopalan
Wadhwa, Ambassador of India to Japan. DAILAB has been conducting basic to applied research on disease
prevention and therapeutics for increasing the Quality of Life (with focus on old age and cancer) and has
published 25 original research articles in high impact factor International peer reviewed journals. In addition, DAILAB has been achieving its goals in training young talents
by embarking on a variety of interesting and motivating educational and networking activities as described
Imaging Workshops: DAILAB has been conducing one-week full residential training workshop for bioimaging
that ranged from the principles of light microscopy to high-resolution imaging instructed by AIST experts with
assistance from Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and ATTO Corporations. Three workshops (Jan 19-25, 2014; Dec 9-14,
2014 and Jan 18-23, 2016) enrolling 20 young selected researchers in each workshop from countries including
India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, China, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria and Russia have been
successfully completed. Intensive lectures in the mornings by experts in the field were followed by hands-on
microscope training in the afternoons. A tour to Leica and Zeiss showrooms in Tokyo was organized on the last
day for providing a feel of connectivity of science to technology, and was thoroughly appreciated at all ends
including organizers, trainees and industries. 30 young researchers from India were trained in this program. This
year, a highlight of the third imaging workshop was a joint PIKNIKH with CHANEL on Dec 18, 2016 where
scientists from AIST and CHANEL presented their research strategies and outcomes on the use of imaging
technologies for functional cosmetics and health care.